The Future of Influence

Fast moving technology has created new opportunities and models for consumers and transacting online. The idea of ownership is evolving and many of us are not content to consume blindly without a stake in what we are purchasing. Web3 technologies allow us to take ownership of our actions and identities.

// Connected Consumerism //

The Creative Class

The main feature of the Creative Class is to treat job as leisure and leisure as job. Their aesthetic reflects this continuum and their aesthetics are a reflection of their lives: cool, nonchalant, versatile and comfortable. Monochromatic looks are easily layered and ready for work or play. The outfit is a blank canvas painted with white sneakers just as easily as designer accessories. Shoes are expensive and comfortable. Fabrics are rich, textured, and made from natural fabrics. The clothes are never not practical, and they never overshadow their owner. They are free to shape their job descriptions, teams, working hours and attire according to the parameters of their self-expression, rather than any external rules and expectations. This freedom notwithstanding, being part of The Creative Class is a full-time job. And you will know her when you meet her.