Our Vision

House of Kno (formerly House of Web3 / HW3) is the first retail platform fractionally owned by its community of artists, innovators and creators. We offer custom collaborations that combine digital assets and collectibles with physical art, jewelry and apparel. We represent the confluence of the digital and physical world in fashion and art allowing our members to earn increased access and share of profits through participation.

We aim to connect our audience to a new retail experience where status is measured by scarcity and differentiation- and value is ascribed by return on investment. Our mission is to demystify web3 and provide tangibility to the intangible, while simultaneously turning consumers into investors. Ultimately the value of our product is derived from the community it represents.


In an increasingly digital world, digital collectibles have become much more popular and widely used. Our physical jewelry and apparel collections are anchored by unique digital assets created by our community: a “wearable” for your avatar (VR), a signature look or accessory to be worn on your social media profile picture (AR) or a piece of digital art to be displayed via (QR) code in your home or office.


We know that good conversation is a dialogue, not a monologue and there are no stupid questions. We are all navigating this new landscape and learning as we go.

We respect and revere the world of traditional luxury while simultaneously creating space for the future. Our goal is to foster a community with similar values.

HW3 holders (members) represent best-in-class digital and IRL creators, influencers, investors, gamers, and marketers to showcase digital and physical status symbols facilitated by Web3 influence.


Blockchain technology is used for authentication of appreciable assets. Because it provides a failsafe digital record, it also allows digital artists to register their artwork and retain royalty rights when it is sold or transferred.