Our Partners

We partner with world-renown brands, retailers and artists who are pushing boundaries and appeal to an evolved, forward-thinking luxury consumer. Join the HW3 community to co-create a collection.


Moda Operandi

Artist, Jonathan Seliger's reverence for everyday objects places him squarely in the pop art tradition. Best known for his signature luxury bags (left) he flawlessly reproduces the symbols of consumerism in a blue collar sheen of automotive enamel on bronze.

See current offerings on Moda Operandi or contact VIP@metgolden.com for commissions. $12,500-25,000.

Fred Segal

Stop by ARTCADE in Fred Segal on Sunset Boulevard (Los Angeles) to view the full collection of Metagolden's 18k gold jewelry & NFTs in person. Each piece comes with lucite cube for display of digital art.

Conceived by media tech holding company Subnation, Artcade by Fred Segal is a dynamic retail experience featuring curated collectibles, limited edition product drops, an NFT gallery and a streaming studio. The collaboration includes curated merchandise, collectibles, limited-edition apparel and gaming hardware, as well as virtual goods and digital skins that can be purchased in-store or in the Metaverse via cryptocurrency.


A brilliant and thoroughly crypto native collaboration featuring exquisite colorless, pavé diamonds (D/E/F color, VS clarity) and a 33 carat Ethereum emerald from one of the most respected fine jewelry houses in the world. The necklace is crafted in Metagolden's signature "Blockchain" design, inspired by code. In addition to the physical necklace and medallion and NFT, this piece comes with it's counterpart as a wearable in the Decentraland metaverse.


Blockchain technology speaks directly to a nouveau assemblage of collectors who are enterprising, enigmatic and self-sovereign. This faction is adventurous, globally connected and spurred on by a burgeoning cultural revolution.

Created expressly for Sotheby’s inaugural ‘Art as Jewelry as Art’ Collection, this ring lends credence to a new channel for creation and authentication: one embodied by the spirit of innovation.

Ethereum Expedition | Art as Jewelry as Art


Founder Francine Ballard co-hosted Theory Be Heard: Breaking the Bias in Tech at Theory in Soho, New York alongside Reshma Sujani, founder of Girls who Code, and Stephanie Horton, global consumer marketing director at Google. Partnership messaging was also promoted through a co-branded social media campaign. For more information on this important initiative please email VIP@metagolden.com.


Join us for the second year in a row at Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland 03.28.23 through 03.31.23. Coordinates: -75, -02. This year we will spotlight virtual wearables designers Blanc de Blanc and Mutani.io.